For more than 20 years GexCon has provided expert consulting services to help industries prevent or mitigate accidents. Using the FLACS CFD-simulator the governing physics for ventilation, dispersion and explosions can be modeled.

GexCon's main product is the FLACS CFD simulation tool. Risk and safety studies using FLACS-simulations are also a core part of the services offered to our clients. Some typical risk and safety studies include

  • Ventilation studies (natural ventilation, forced ventilation)
  •  Exhaust studies (helideck, stacks, etc.)
  • Dispersion studies (flammable or toxic releases)
  • Explosion studies (scenarios ranging from small vessels to unconfined process plants)
  • Near- and Far-field blast studies (directional effects, focusing, reflections)
  • Studies of various gases and vapors (hydrocarbons, hydrogen, CO and CO2)

You may find out more about this in our Safety Studies


 Explosion modeling with FLACS is a core business for GexCon            Explosion modeling with FLACS is a core business for GexCon


For safety studies involving offshore oil platforms, multiple explosion scenarios are typically modeled to understand and evaluate the consequences of such explosions. The flame propagation (left) and pressure contours (right) are shown from such an explosion simulation.

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