Natural gas burner on a grain dryerGexCon engineers have experience with a wide variety of commercial combustion equipment.  Our staff have consulted on equipment failures, combustion control systems, process fires, explosions and emissions.  GexCon can also help clients identify the consequences and necessary explosion safety measures for systems with identified hazards.

GexCon engineers have experience with commercial combustion equipment including dryers, boilers, thermal fluid heaters, turbines and thermal oxidizers.

Our staff has consulted on a wide range of issues including:

  • Failure analysis of equipment and control systems
  • Evaluating and testing the combustion controls, burning management systems, burner safeguards, and associated components
  • Cause and origin investigation for explosions, process fires and boiler ruptures
  • Natural gas burnerRadiative and convective heat transfer, refractory degradation
  • Solid, liquid and gaseous fuel combustion
  • Combustion effieciency issues including NOx and carbon monoxide mitigation


In addition, GexCon can help evaluate the consequences and necessary explosion safety measures on process equipment where the probability of an ignitable mixture has been identified in a hazardous operations analysis.

See our engineers work on invetigating gas migration and hazardous combustion equipment failures:



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